It’s winning

The only thing I’m sure of in life anymore, is that at the end of the day, I’m alone. Despite how everyone may say they are there for you, as soon as you even mention how dark it is in your head, everyone runs for the hills. As if I choose to have this darkness […]

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My demons and I get in fights about you Daily almost But of course it’s crazier then it sounds Theirs that naive cutesy side of me that’s hopeful and believes in everyone and magic and unicorns, and she also makes excuses for people when she doesn’t get any in reality Crazy right? It gets better! […]

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my love

I’d love you with every fiber of my being if you let me. That’s what you asked for, when you get it it’s not what you wanted. It’s too much at times but not enough at others there’s too many tears or there’s too many smiles there’s too many ups and there’s too many downs […]

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A lie

Being lied to cuts like the dullest, most jagged blade. Even more so when it comes from someone you trust most. Maybe it was a lie to protect me, or protect you… but when does lying ever make things better, or feel safer. That trust has come crashing down around me, like a thousand pieces […]

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finish last

You know that saying “nice guys finish last” well let me assure you, it goes for nice girls too. I am too nice… people tell me it all to often. I truly wish I could be mean, but I cant… the only times I am mean, are when I’m trying to push people away, but […]

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not so happy new year

Every night while I am trying to get to sleep my brain doesn’t shut up. I think of all these things I could write about. But my body wont move, it wont let me get up and write all the chaos down. So here I am, in the morning, sitting in front of my computer […]

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If only I had the courage to take my life, a selfish act you say? Can’t I have just one, for myself. I spend my days fighting battles you will never see. Emotional exhaustion is something I have yet to overcome. Because even when I sleep, I am still waging wars. There is only so […]

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