New Year, new me?

As per usual I rung in the New Year sad and alone… but its my own fault. I always tend to fall into a deep depression at this time of year and of course I keep it to myself. I don’t open up anymore because I’m afraid people are so sick of hearing about it. […]

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Another broken heart

You went from missing me to showing very little interest. It’s fine. It’s how it goes. I work differently then other people. I try to be selective on who I invest my time in. when I click with someone, I stop talking to anyone else. But that isn’t how dating works these days, everyone’s gotta […]

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diving back in

I’ve been MIA over the past few months. I had a few not so great experiences on here. But I am now ready to give this blogging thing another go, so I shall just dive back in. ( need to clear some thoughts out of my head )     I question things a lot, […]

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finish last

You know that saying “nice guys finish last” well let me assure you, it goes for nice girls too. I am too nice… people tell me it all to often. I truly wish I could be mean, but I cant… the only times I am mean, are when I’m trying to push people away, but […]

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not so happy new year

Every night while I am trying to get to sleep my brain doesn’t shut up. I think of all these things I could write about. But my body wont move, it wont let me get up and write all the chaos down. So here I am, in the morning, sitting in front of my computer […]

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Today is my Birthday. Please don’t send me well wishes for today. Because today is not a special day for me. Today is a day that I hate myself that much more. Today is a day that I feel more alone and worthless then i usually do. Today is a day that even more then […]

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Its passion

I have been trying to figure out how to write about this for sometime now. I’ve wanted to talk about the more public aspects of my personality for awhile. I never grew out of the “emo kid” faze. I find that seems to weird people out. How my interests have not really changed much over […]

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