Monthly Archives: February 2017


I’m very tried.
Tired of everyone using me.
The only time 90% of my “friends” contact me,
is when they want something from me.
When they need me to drive them some where, or drop them off or god knows what else.
I have finally reached my breaking point.
I am sick of being used and taken advantage of.
Everyone takes me for granted… and this is exactly why I’ve become a hermit.

I don’t hang out by myself all the time for fun.
I hang out by myself all the time because I’m sick of how I am treated.

It is finally at the point where I HAVE to start saying NO.
I cannot keep doing things for everyone else when no one is ever around to be there for me.

*to my friends that don’t take advantage of me… who actually give a shit… thank you*



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