finish last

You know that saying
“nice guys finish last”
well let me assure you, it goes for nice girls too.

I am too nice… people tell me it all to often.
I truly wish I could be mean, but I cant…
the only times I am mean,
are when I’m trying to push people away,
but my goal is to hurt myself, not them.

If I care about you, odds are I care with every fiber of my being.
I will probably forgive you for anything,
because I suck at staying mad,
even if you don’t deserve to be forgiven.

No one wants someone who is nice.
No one wants someone like me I guess.

Sure I am pretty, but let me tell you,
looks get you no where.

In this day and age, no one wants someone who is nice…
I don’t know why, but they just don’t.
and despite how nice and caring I am,
people generally treat me with 0 respect.

Even still, you can treat me like garbage…
I will still forgive you…
I will still care…

So here I sit,
too nice,
too loving,
too caring.



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