Monthly Archives: December 2016


Today is my Birthday.
Please don’t send me well wishes for today.
Because today is not a special day for me.
Today is a day that I hate myself that much more.
Today is a day that I feel more alone and worthless then i usually do.
Today is a day that even more then ever, I don’t want to be alive.

Birthdays are a constant reminder of how much pain I am in.
I don’t bother asking anyone to spend time with me on my Birthday.
Having a Birthday four days after Christmas has always mean’t no one has time.
But that’s okay, its not like anyone asks to spend time with me anyway.

I don’t like this time of year in general.
And two days ago my hero, my princess, she died.
So I don’t want to celebrate today.
Because I don’t see anything worth celebrating.

So please, don’t wish me Happy Birthday.
Don’t tell me to have an amazing day.
It just makes me feel even more guilty for being depressed.

Not that I can share this with anyone…
because no one will understand.