Its passion

I have been trying to figure out how to write about this for sometime now.
I’ve wanted to talk about the more public aspects of my personality for awhile.

I never grew out of the “emo kid” faze. I find that seems to weird people out.
How my interests have not really changed much over the years. I knew what I liked at an early age, so I guess it was never a faze to me.

I find that people also think it is weird how I “obsess” over things.
For example:
Star Wars
Jean Grey
and so on…
To me it is a passion I have for the things I love.
Passion seems to be mistaken for obsession, which to me, is a word used negatively.

Why is it wrong that I love things with every inch of myself?
These things bring me happiness, which isn’t something common in my life.
I have always surrounded myself with things I love.
These characters and this band will never let me down or hurt me.

Passion and love are two things this world is severely lacking.
Every time I put TWENTY ØNE PILØTS’ logo on something,
know that for that brief moment I am feeling true happiness,
so please don’t judge me.

These things that I love keep me going.
Don’t look down on me.
Don’t tell me to grow up.
Don’t put out the fire that I’m so desperately trying to keep burning.

ps. if you are ever so lucky as to feel my love. Don’t take it for grated.
When I love, I always love with every fiber of my soul.
But I suppose no one is interested in love anymore.
So I shall continue to give it to TWENTY ØNE PILØTS

14572380_337899823220660_5846900338408967379_nand the other things I am passionate about.


One thought on “Its passion

  1. Passion is important. Never ever let anybody make you feel stupid, small, or silly for liking the things that you like and loving the things that you love. If something brings you joy and you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else by indulging in it, then it’s all good.

    Sure, some people won’t get it… and that’s totally okay. They don’t have to get it for you to live your life.

    You do you.


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