I feel crazy.

What is the actual definition of the word?
Maybe more of us are actually… crazy.
But, right now, I feel it.
The lack of control over my mind,
my thoughts running rampant.
Questioning everything i do, think, feel, see…
Making me question and over think every single thing that comes my way.
Some days,
oh some days I do have control, but it never lasts long.
Then I feel my old friend sneak back in and take over.
And he refuses to play as a team,
when my darkness is around, he’s in control and knows whats “best”.

So that sure sounds crazy, so I must be crazy.
I mean, I guess that doesn’t have to be a bad thing?
But people will think it is.
Because people who have full control of their mind, will never understand that there are many levels of crazy, some of them aren’t so bad.

I feel to much, it has always been a problem.
Not only do I feel my own feelings, I pick up on everyone else’s too.
There are days I would give up anything to not feel so much.
I don’t think anyone understands what this is like.

Even feeling good emotions can be so overwhelming.
But its the negative ones that destroy me.
I am always fighting wars with my mind.
I am in a state of constant exhaustion,
but my mind doesn’t even stop for me to get enough sleep.

I feel so very alone.
The things I once enjoyed can’t even hold my attention.
I have to always be doing a million things at once just to try to distract my demons.

Every day just seems to grow darker.
Fighting these battles keeps getting harder.
I don’t know how much longer I can do this.
What is the point of living a life like this?
I feel so lost and the loneliness is killing me.
Death is a constant fantasy.
I have trouble finding words.
I only know that I want this pain to stop.
I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.
No one should have to feel the way I do.
My mind is destroying me.


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