Its passion

I have been trying to figure out how to write about this for sometime now. I’ve wanted to talk about the more public aspects of my personality for awhile. I never grew out of the “emo kid” faze. I find that seems to weird people out. How my interests have not really changed much over […]

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I feel crazy. What is the actual definition of the word? Maybe more of us are actually… crazy. But, right now, I feel it. The lack of control over my mind, my thoughts running rampant. Questioning everything i do, think, feel, see… Making me question and over think every single thing that comes my way. […]

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I can feel them. My demons are placing their hands over my eyes. Clouding everything I know and I can’t stop them. Please don’t do this. You were just here, can’t I have more time. This is my mind, not yours. Let me go.

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the other side

Does anyone talk about the other side of having a mental illness. We all know the dark side, the side that hides and lives in the shadows. But what about the other side? I do the opposite of what a lot of people do, no matter what, I rarely hide away and vanish. Yes I […]

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If only I had the courage to take my life, a selfish act you say? Can’t I have just one, for myself. I spend my days fighting battles you will never see. Emotional exhaustion is something I have yet to overcome. Because even when I sleep, I am still waging wars. There is only so […]

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