I feed off of people. The way the look at me, speak to me, treat me. Its the only escape I have from my own head. I feel to much. Good and bad. What I would give to not feeling anything. Is it sad, that I dream of feeling nothing? To not care with every […]

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let me go

I can feel it, Crawling up my skin. I can hear it, Whispering in my ear, I can see it, Blocking out my light. My demons want to come out and play. They feel neglected. I pushed them aside, To bask in a moment of happiness. They don’t like when those times come. My darkness […]

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I’m tired

I’m tired. of trying, of living, of hurting, of crying, of doubting, of everything. I’m tired of never being enough for people. I’m tired of people telling me I’m not doing what they think I should be doing. No one knows what its like to be inside my head. Every day I’m fighting just to […]

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