am I the only one?

Its time for me to go on a rant
I am so sick of seeing all these little inspirational quote memes
that tell you, you can’t love someone until you love yourself,
or the only kind of love you really need is your own.
That is such bullshit.
Sometimes I hate myself, my mind turns against me.
But that does not mean I can’t love someone else.
Don’t tell me that I have to love myself to be able to love others.
You know what, even on days where I do love myself,
that doesn’t mean that I don’t need it from someone else.
We are social creatures.
Why are we telling each other when we should or should not love others?
Why are we telling each other that we shouldn’t or don’t need love from other people?

Then on the other end,
everyone is making love out to be weak.
Everyone is pushing the idea of open relationships with no commitment.
To me, that seems unnatural.
Once I start to love someone, in a romantic sense, I can see no one but them.
But by today’s “standards” that is shamed.

The way I love, is one of the better qualities given to me by my illness,
yet society shames me for that too.

Life is so short, maybe we all need to spend that time, telling people we love them.
Instead of investing our time in being quite and selfish.

People can make us happy.


One thought on “am I the only one?

  1. Love. Love with everything you have. The world will shun you because it has lost that ability, it has become too numb to the reality TV and the hate that suffocates this world.
    Please, please, never stop loving.

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