A battle is going on behind my eyes.
and every day, takes its tole on my soul.
I don’t want to fight it,
But I can’t let it to consume me.
I’m so tired of questioning everything I feel.
Thoughts always racing through my head,
never knowing what is real.

I need more reassurance,
but I don’t know how to ask for it.
I don’t know how to survive in a world
that is ashamed to feel.
When I feel every little thing to the extreme.

Am I the one that is crazy?
Or has the world just gone mad?
Why am I so afraid of what the future holds.

Death has become my fantasy.
The idea of feeling nothing,
of being nothing…
Its a dream.

I am sick of being stuck in my head.
My thoughts wreaking havoc in my brain.
I want to escape.

Then there was you,
You bring peace.
You silence my demons.
My darkness is in awe of you.
But only when you are here.
Other wise it fills me with doubt.

I second guess everything.
If only you knew the power you have,
you could destroy me or save me.






4 thoughts on “SAVE ME

  1. I wrote this years ago on FB notes. Your first line reminded me of it.
    I titled it: Behind These Brown Eyes. The rhyme scheme may seem lame but I wrote it some time back.

    In the random encounters I’ve had in my life/
    I’ve never met anyone who’d been through such pain and strife/
    it saddens my soul, brings tears to my eyes/
    just watching said person, dying slowly inside/
    I wish I could help, choose the right words to say/
    take the world of their shoulders in any small way/
    But yet I stand still, without a word to speak of/
    not a pat on the shoulder a smile or a hug/
    I cannot help, so forever they may be/
    when the person I see dying, is in the mirror….it’s me…

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