Sundays are my suicide days

I hate Sundays. I always end up alone, maybe that’s why I hate them so much. Being alone, means I’m alone with my mind. So all my worries and insecurities are brought out. I question everything. I can’t see the good. I spent most of yesterday just laying in bed. Just trying to sleep so […]

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Sometimes I pace around my apartment Counting all the ways I could hurt myself Smashing, hitting, clawing, screaming. It’s more then the cuts tho, It’s all my pieces. Broken and thrown in every direction. Sometimes I lose myself, I forget everything about who I am, Other then the darkness. That is all I can see, […]

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tunnel vision

When it comes to having feelings for someone, feeling a legit connection and chemistry, it doesn’t come by often for me. So anytime i get the slightest liking for someone, its extreme. I get… tunnel vision. I wont even look at, or speak too, anyone else. It is a quality that, I’ve learned, is rare […]

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dont read then?

I asked a friend what they thought of me the other day. My confidence was lacking, as it does. And I feel that males see me differently than the females in my life. Part of what he said was “I honestly think you focus too much on attention through social media. You seem to thrive […]

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good days

The last two days have been, dare I say it, good… Which of course makes me wonder when the darkness is going to strike again. That is the thing for me, the good days, they don’t last long. So what did I did the past few days… Lets see, Tuesday I posted an add for photography, and […]

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