take my life

The darkness gets stronger every time. I do not see a point in living a life like this. When every day I debate taking my own life. The only reason I haven’t is because I feel guilty. I have no interest being alive anymore, none, zero. I cannot deal with this anymore. The cards I […]

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Am I crazy?

I feel crazy, legit. What is the actual definition of the word? Maybe more of us are actually crazy. But… Right now, I feel it. The lack of control over my mind, my thoughts running rampant. Questioning everything I do, think, feel, see… Making me question and over thing every single thing that comes my […]

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I haven’t posted in a few days. Sometimes I think I should only post when things are really bad, or good, not when things are just meh. Who wants to hear about the mediocre stuff… But maybe I should post it, Show that I am kinda normal some of the time. This time last week […]

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What’s the point

Mental health issues are still not taken seriously. Which makes life so difficult for those of us struggling with it. We either have to hide it, or be prepared to be shunned. Any time I’ve been in the hospital for suicide attempts, their main concern is if I want to hurt anyone else. But when I […]

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How do you explain to someone, that sometimes you lose control, that you don’t mean to do the things you do? But you aren’t crazy… That you are just so passionate sometimes, but your darkness makes that passion something annoying. How do you tell someone you barely know how much they already mean to you, […]

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I’ve lost control

Do you know what it’s like to feel like you have no control over your mind, it’s excruciating. Do you know what it’s like to overthink everything you do, from the smallest things to the biggest things.? Everything I do, I have to think about the repercussions of it. I think about what could possibly happen […]

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I’m just exhausted. I’m so sick of people telling me to be positive. I can’t, my brain wont let me. It tells me every day, give up, no one likes you, no one will stay, everyone will leave, you are nothing but a burden, a waste, end it. I believe everything it says. I can’t […]

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