To say I’m struggling would be an understatement. I have lost hope. I don’t see the point of being here anymore. I’m not happy, God knows I’ve never been truly happy. I’m sick of pretending. I just do not want to be here anymore. No one wants to hear these things and when I talk about […]

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It has been over a week since I have posted anything on here.. That week as been filled with many ups and mostly downs. I haven’t been able to write, mostly because I still have this reluctance to share my mind with people. I have tried pushing myself to do things and go out more. […]

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Every aspect of life overwhelms me. Going to the store, going to work, talking to people, existing. It is just so much and it is so exhausting. I feel like I am such a burden on my friends and family and that makes me feel so terrible. I am trying so hard to be an […]

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My mind isn’t really in a writing mood today but there have been a couple things I wanted to talk about so I am going to try my best… I have had a couple of talks with people recently that just left me feeling discouraged. I see so many people who have a mental illness that […]

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This is going to be a depressing post. I feel everything, every single thing, I feel it far more then I should. It is a curse, to feel everything so deeply. Because of that I’m labeled so many things, constantly told to be cool or calm down. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO […]

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I thought today I would talk about some helpful self-care tips and things you can do for yourself!  Self care is so important when you have a mental illness… I know that I forget to take care of myself so often! Hopefully these tips can help you! SELF-CARE *I found these on honoryourselfnow.net I just […]

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working with bpd

Yesterday I was scrolling through facebook and a page I follow posted an article that was really great – I will add a link to the facebook page and article at the end of this post – The article was about being unable to work full time when you have a mental illness. I recently […]

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